We welcome you to WEB AD. A dynamic Digital agency established in Beirut more than a decade, with a current growing footprint across the GCC, Europe & North Africa.

We believe in you. We know that you are more than a number, more than a template & more than a plug & play.

We deliver integrated digital solutions across multi-channels catering to business needs and objectives. We are Result Oriented and provide digital solutions leading to brand engagement and brand advancement.

Our founders are communication specialists, tech-savvies and pioneers that are in a quest for creativity and innovations.


The wondrous stages all the way through to implementation, to make sure you walk away with the idealdigital solution for you and your customers. Just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen. In anutshell, you can arrange our specialisms into four areas: WEB AD Digital Media, WEB AD Social Media,WEB AD Development and WEB AD Technology.

But why not just give us a call or shoot us an email? Nothing like new ideas to fuel the creative furnace.Our skilled Web Ad team work diligently from the idea to execution, from strategy to implementation andfrom planning to activation.

We indulge our teams from initial thinking stages all the way through to engagement, so to make sure wedeliver ideal digital solutions for you and your customers.


Digital Media

The digital space is a big place and it’s easy to waste money on meaningless media.

Our team of Media planners, buyers, our strategists and designers will show you how to create, place and power media to steal the show and provide valuable metrics of individual sales conversions.

Research, media tools, analytics and insights drive our planning process and rational to we optimize our media presence and penetration.

Social Media

Is social media right for your business? The answer is yes.

Social media is a phenomenally powerful tool to precisely target your desired customer demographic and show up in front of their breakfast. Our social experts will show you exactly how to set up a revenue driving campaign that will turn clicks into customers.


An idea will always stay an idea without a means to execute it.

Well, you have just met the firing squad.

Our strategists and developers are some of the best in business with the experience and credentials to match. They’ll open your eyes to new technologies that you have never heard of and provide solutions toproblems that you never knew existed.


Technology is the future and is the center of communication excellence.

Understanding its crucial role it plays not only in the digital and communication industry but in the advancement of humanity.

At WEB AD we spare no efforts in always finding the right advanced and technological solutions meeting the continuous evolvements of the industry and customers needs.


Now you’ve seen the face of the clock, we welcome you to experience the inner workings.

Find out how your business can establish a solid digital community

of dedicated customers who will instantly boost your bottom line

and garner you global recognition.


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Dubai: Dubai Design District, Bldg 6, 209B – P.O.BOX 282379 Dubai, UAE T. +971 4 434 7152

Tunisia: Av. du 14 Janvier, A09, Im. Coste 2026 Sidi Bou Said, Tunisie M. +216 55 066 099